The Difference between the Power Chips, Modules, and Tuners Made by Companies like Jet Performance

Published: 27th June 2008
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Power chips, modules, and tuners from companies like Jet can help you achieve optimal performance for your vehicle. By improving your mileage, torque, and horsepower, these performance enhancers from Jet, Hypertech, or Edge are a great investment for you vehicle, especially if you are a true car lover. These popular aftermarket add-ons from companies like Jet are available for most domestic and foreign cars, trucks and SUVs and depending on the product, can be installed fairly easily by yourself or a mechanic, so you can experience the benefits of your Jet Performance, Banks, or Evolution chip, module, or tuner almost immediately after it arrives. Adjusting the spark timing and air to fuel ratio, as well as producing a more complete fuel burn, is the same basic job for all three of these performance enhancing add-ons from Jet and other companies. In addition, they usually adjust the automatic transmission, allowing for smooth shifting and high power through acceleration. The biggest differences between the products lie in their packaging and the location of installation.

Power Chips from Jet, Edge, Banks, and Others

Power chips are intended to directly replace the stock computer chip in your car. The manufacturer sets the stock calibrations for your car when it leaves the factory, but these settings are not always the most efficient, especially as your vehicle gets older or if you make modifications. By replacing your stock chip with a power chip from a company like Jet, you can increase the performance with improved horsepower and torque and better gas mileage. Installing a power chip is more complicated than the instillation of power-enhancing modules or tuners and involves access to the vehicle's computer. This is the most direct method to improve the performance of your vehicle and requires no programming.

Power Modules from Jet, Hypertech, Superchips and Others

A power module is essentially the Jet or Hypertech power chip in a nice external case. Some vehicles have ports on their engine's computers and the module can be installed directly into the port. Before you purchase a power module from a company like Jet, you will want to make sure that your vehicle's engine has a port. You can get different power modules for either standard engines or engines that have been modified. Jet Performance makes both types of chips, as do most performance conscious manufacturers. The basic power module can be used on stock vehicles or vehicles with minor modifications. The "Stage 2" module is designed for performance that is more aggressive. These modules do require that you use 91-octane fuel, have a 180-degree thermostat, and a free flow exhaust. You can also use these power-enhancing modules with aftermarket intake systems, mass air sensors, and TBI spacers.

Power Tuners from Performance Companies

If you want improved acceleration, torque, and gas mileage, but aren't sure if your car, truck, or SUV has a computer port and are pretty sure you can't install a power chip by yourself, power tuners are a great option. A completely external unit, the tuner plugs into the on-board diagnostics system of your vehicle. Most tuners also have extra functions, which you can change by answering a series of questions. You can manually control the rev limit, the speed limiter, and the speedometer accuracy. Most power tuners will also read and reset the trouble codes for your engine.

Deciding between a power chip, module, and tuner has a much to do with your vehicle's make, model, and year as it does with your ability to install the product. Professional or experienced home mechanics, who are comfortable working on vehicle computers, should have no problem installing power chips. More novice mechanics shouldn't have much trouble with a power module, although they will have to be sure that their car, truck or SUV has a computer port to accommodate installation. Power tuners are easy for any skill level to install and they also have additional options to help you further improve your vehicle's performance. Most website that sell Jet products have a key to help you figure out whether or not the product you're interested in will be compatible with your vehicle.

About the Author: Troy Channing loves cars and is an avid writer. His experience in car performance has lead to various articles written on everything from header installation to power chips. For more information on chip performance parts, JET Performance and other brands of high performance parts, go to Performance Center.

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